Cartridge Heaters made by Sunrise Products is intended to use in different commercial ventures where restricted hotness is required for constrained space. Electric Cartridge Heater is manufactured from ideal quality metal, S.S. also incoloy sheathing in ordinary and "D" structure. Smaller Cartridge Heater could be benefitted in low and also in high-density wattage. They are unique in term of value and are accessible at pocket amicable cost. Considered one of the famous producers and suppliers, we are included in offering an extensive variety of Cartridge Heaters. They are widely acclaimed for excellent, high execution and durable development. They are exceptionally admired by the clients, as these are produced as stated by the standards officially set by the business. To create qualitative product range, here in our organization, a group of specialists keep their sharp eye on the whole preparation process. Likewise, these heaters are stringently tried on certain secured quality parameters, before the last conveyance to the customers.


  • Dies
  • Packaging machinery
  • Plates
  • Moulds

Material Specification

Welded watertight tip (Tig) pressure up to 60 kg/cm2.
Made from stainless steel AISI 304/316/321/ INCOLOY.
Ceramic insulator.
Pure magnesium oxide insulation.
Nickel-chromium 80/20 heater wire. Melting point 1400º C.
Ceramic core.
Heat resistant conductor leads.
Conductor wire with internal connections

Cartridge heaters are most frequently used for heating metal parts by insertion into drilled holes. For easy installation, the heaters are made slightly undersize relative to their nominal diameter.

The majority of applications do not require maximum watt/in². Use a watt density only as high as needed. Take advantage of the safety margin provided by using ratings less than the maximum allowed. Select space heaters for most even heat pattern rather than the highest possible wattage per heater.

At medium Watt densities, general purpose drills are usually adequate for drilling holes. Typically, these result in holes .003" to .008" over the nominal size of the drill, resulting in fits of .010" .015". Of course, the tightest fit is desirable from a heat transfer standpoint, but somewhat looser fits aid in installing and removing cartridge heaters, especially long ones. Holes drilled completely through the part are recommended to facilitate removal of the heater. After drilling, clean or degrease the part to remove cutting lubricants.

At high Watt densities holes should be drilled and reamed, rather than just drilled to final diameter with a general purpose drill. At high watt densities, a close fit is important. The fit is the difference between the minimum diameter of the heater and maximum diameter of the hole. For example, at 1/2" diameter an OMEGALUX cartridge heater is actually .498" plus 000" minus .005". If this heater is placed in a hole which has been drilled and reamed to a diameter of .503" - .493" = .010").

Technical Specification

Working temperature: max 750°C
Diameter range(mm): 3mm-40mm
Length range(mm): 15mm-3000mm
Diameter tolerance: metric -0.02/-0.06mm
Length tolerance: ±1mm
Power tolerance: +5%,-10%
Rated voltage(110-220): ≦1.27 times
Insulation resistance: ≧5Ω
Designed life: 3000 hours
Power density:
  - Solids metals: 60w/cm2 (advisable 45w/cm2 max)
  - Water: 30w/cm2(max)
  - heating static air: 10w/cm2(max)
  - heating flowing air: 18w/cm2(max)


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