Porcelain Heater

We supply a vast selection of top quality ceramic core heaters which are recommended for heating fluids when mounted inside a thermo-tank or cylinder, in food production processing machinery, cooking tanks and much more. Also, they are used for warming air located in a pipe to produce a hot air flow such as heated guns, heating solids in reamed/drilled holes for tooling and engineering applications.

Elmatic manufacture and design core heaters to meet our customers’ requirements. Our heaters are made up of a number of ceramic discs which are assembled and held together on a centre bar. Then, they are used to denote on the final length required by the customer.


The elements of our core ceramic heaters comprise of a resistive wire (spiral) which are wound through the slots in the disc to give the necessary wattage and voltage required. Finally, the spiral is connected to a threaded terminal in the head of the core.

Technical Specification

  • Operating Temperatures up to 450°C
  • Precise even distribution of heat
  • Available in 46mm Ø & 31mm Ø cores
  • Heaters available with Thermo wells upon request


  • In water, foodstuff, oil
  • Anodizing and plating baths
  • Alkaline solutions
  • Processing of phosphoric acid and chromic acid
  • Alkaline solutions
  • Medium size ovens
  • Powder coating booths
  • Chemical and paint industry etc.

Technical Specifications Of Porcelain Heater

Electrical Resistance + 10% -5%
Wattage + 5% -10%
Voltage 220V AC to 480V AC
Maximum Watt 5-7W/cm2
Maximum Temp. 500o C- 800o C
Minimum Dia. 50 mm


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